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Southpaw Dance Company (Dramaturg, Journeys Festival)

Directed by Robby Graham


Southpaw Dance Company (National Tour)

Directed by Robby Graham

Happy Meal

VAULT Festival/Northern Stage

Directed by Matt Harrison



Southpaw Dance Company/Sunderland Culture

Directed by Robby Graham

The Weebles

Northern Stage (Out on the Toon)

Directed by Mark Maughan


The Kids Are Alright


Directed by Jennifer Malarkey

'It’s ridiculous, absurd, infuriating and, at points, very, very sad. Which makes it an almost perfect portrayal of...loss in the aftermath of an utterly unfathomable event. A jumbled-up clown dance through a blank space: that’s grief all right' The Stage

Byker Audio Stories

Northern Stage Young Company/The Team (co-created with the Company)

Directed by Louie Ingham




Royal Exchange Theatre

Shortlisted for The Bruntwood Prize 2019

Where Do We Belong?

Northern Stage Young Company (co-created with the Company)

Directed by Louie Ingham

'The best young people's theatre I have seen in decades' British Theatre Guide

County Lines

Kendal Brewery Arts/Applied Theatre in Cumbria

Directed by Paula Penman

No Miracles Here

The Letter Room (co-written with the Company)

Directed by Meghan Doyle


Where Do We Stand?

Northern Stage Young Company (co-created with the Company)

Directed by Louie Ingham

Rat Boy

Live Theatre

Directed by Laura Lindow

Winner of the Live Bursary 2018


Five Get Lost in Gagg Wood

Live Theatre

Directed by Rachel Glover

Walker Talk

Curious Monkey/Sunday For Sammy

Directed by Amy Golding & Toni McElhatton



The Season Ticket

Pilot Theatre/Northern Stage (National Tour)

Directed by Katie Posner

Adapted from the novel by Jonathan Tulloch

‘An unsentimental rites of passage that takes in the darker edges of a fractured family, but still manages to offer some kind of hope’ The Herald

‘This skilful adaptation is a Premier League effort’ The Independent

Park Life

True North (Super Slow Way)

Directed by Louie Ingham

I Heart Catherine Pistachio

Encounter (100° Festival Berlin, Soho Theatre, The Yard)

Directed by Jennifer Malarkey           

‘Crushing sentimentality through a meat-grinder and spewing it over crusty, vicious suburbia’ Exeunt Magazine    

Sellotape Sisters

Signal Theatre (Brighton Fringe, Camden Fringe)

Directed by Robert Wolstenholme


11 Plus

Live Theatre (co-curated with Laura Lindow)

Directed by Paul James

Point To Point

True North (Lakes Culture)

Directed by Louie Ingham



Royal Exchange Theatre

Directed by Ng Choon Ping

Winner of Hodgkiss Award 2013, short-listed for Verity Bargate 2011

‘A surrealist Royle Family set in a desperate North East seaside town’

Manchester Evening News           

‘Dark, funny and off-the-wall’ What’s On Stage

Published by Nick Hern Books


Encounter (Bridging the Gap)

Directed by Jennifer Malarkey           

‘Poignant, eccentric and haunting’ The Scotsman

The Streets in the Sky

Encounter (Halifax Arts Festival)

Directed by Jennifer Malarkey

Never Forget

Queen’s Hall (Pint Size)

Directed by Rosie Kellegher           

‘Mattinson is an author with a fertile and restless imagination, most at home with finding truth in the most mind-blowing or unlikely situations’ British Theatre Guide



Brown Bird

Chicken Pox Fox/Bush Theatre (RADAR Festival)

Directed by Laura Lindow

Colour It In

Ugly Sister (Story Project 5)

Directed by Hamish MacDougall

Geisha Girls             

Bush Theatre (Bush Berkley Beano)

Directed by Madani Younis


Dot to Dot Active Arts

Writer and Performer

Lashes and Taches

Northern Stage (First in Three)

Writer and Director


East 15 (Acting & Stage Combat Graduate Show)

Directed by Shane Dempsey


Young Vic (5 by 5)

Directed by Ng Choon Ping


Rola Cola

Ugly Sister (Story Project 4)

Directed by Rachel Valentine-Smith

Gary Lineker is Gay

Paines Plough (Come to Where I’m From)

Writer and Performer

Chalet Lines

Bush Theatre

Directed by Madani Younis

Nominated for ‘Most Promising New Playwright’ at Off West End Theatre Awards & finalist for ‘Writer of the Year’ at Journal Culture Awards           

‘A glorious, authentically messy depiction of a scarred and exhausted family of women’ Spoonfed           

‘Chalet Lines might suggest something tacky and brash...what it delivers is something much darker and more intricate’ The Bleed

Published by Nick Hern Books

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

NTC (4Play)

Directed by Gillian Hambleton


Bold as Brass

Directed by Jackie Fielding                 



No Wire Hangers

Soho Theatre (Hub Monthly)

Directed by Nina Steiger

$h!t Disco                         

Royal Exchange Theatre

Longlisted for The Bruntwood Prize 2011

Donna Disco

Chicken Pox Fox/Live Theatre (Edinburgh Festival Fringe)

Directed by Laura Lindow           

‘Nails the breathless mood of being fourteen…like Carrie re-written by Morrissey’ Three Weeks           

‘A Belle and Sebastian song made flesh’ Fest

Me, Fatty                  

Ugly Sister (Story Project 3)

Directed by Anthony Coleridge

Jonathan Likes This

Live Theatre

Directed by Paul James           

‘Captures the slang-laden, sometimes offhand and often acerbic dialect of the 21st century teen, with frightening accuracy’ The Journal


Julian Scary

Live Theatre (Singles)

Directed by Amy Golding  

Freddy Hearts Freddie

Ugly Sister (Story Project 2)

Directed by Julia McShane      



I Heart Morrissey

Live Theatre (24/7)

Directed by Jackie Fielding

The Tufty Club

NTC (4Play)

Directed by Helen Ferguson



The Bang Gang

Bad Fox Theatre (Edinburgh Festival Fringe)

Directed by Katie Posner

‘Genuinely disturbing and brilliantly-written’ The Stage           

‘Violent, funny and menacing’ The Fringe Report

Me and Cilla

Live Theatre

Directed by Steve Gilroy           

‘This play has a big heart and an even bigger mouth’ Guardian           

‘Mattinson’s sparkling script gives the world an unprecedented and at times sympathetic view of Chavdom hitherto unseen on stage’ The Journal



Swan Song                       

New Writing North (Bite Size)

Directed by Max Roberts

Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

Live Theatre (BBC Northern Writers Group)

Directed by Jeremy Herrin

in development


Theatre By The Lake



2 Clowns 1 Trumpet

BBC Radio 3 (I Told You I Was Ill)

Directed by Pauline Harris


Mission: Improbable

BBC Radio 4 Online (Pod Plays)

Directed by Sharon Sephton



BBC Radio 3 (Sonnets in the City)

Directed by Nadia Molinari




BBC Radio 4 (Afternoon Drama, Original British Dramatists)

Directed by Sharon Sephton

Short-listed for ‘Best Radio Drama’ at The Writer’s Guild Awards 2015

'Mattinson creates a stunningly original aural landscape’ The Stage



Glow in the Dark

BBC Free Thinking Festival

Directed by Sharon Sephton


Me and Cilla

BBC Radio 3 (The Wire)

Directed by Katherine Beacon



BBC Radio Newcastle (Jordan Road)

Directed by Yve Ngoo


BBC Radio Newcastle (Sports Shorts)

Directed by Yve Ngoo




Elevator Productions/BFI Network

Directed by Andy McVicar

Winner of Royal Television Society 2023 Drama Performance

in development

The Seagull

Elevator Productions

Show Pony

Knock & Nash




Coronation Street


Story Associate



BBC Three

Directed by David Sant

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